Become a Reflex Certified Installer!

At Xact Customs, we create tailored ReflexPLUS padding for use in speed boats, sail boats, cabin cruisers, and yes, luxury yachts! And we’re looking for a few good men and women.  

As a ReflexPLUS Installation Professional, you’ll be going onboard your customers’ boats to take photographs that we’ll use to create custom designs. Then, you’re back onboard, installing the finished product. 

Other than the hassle-free installation, you’ll perform all your tasks through our XMS app on your mobile device. You’ll use the app to: 

     * Photograph the boat 

     * Input, track, and organize leads 

     * Email customers, sending invoices and estimates 

     * Track sales and submit POs 

     * Capture customer signatures

Our Installation Pros love the app’s photo-digitizing capabilities, which makes their jobs easy. Whereas other installation teams must purchase an expensive digitizer, learn CAD, and ultimately be responsible for design—or take on the time-consuming and tedious task of hand-templating a boat—the app offers superior efficiency and accuracy. 

We also offer training and support, including: 

     * Sales, photographing, and installation training 

     * Advertising support with Google AdWords and others 

     * Additional ongoing support from marine companies

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